Collection: STAY AWAKE

MARK 13:36 (New International Version)

If He comes suddenly, do not let Him find you sleeping.

Elevate your faith and embrace the power of vigilance with our captivating "Stay Awake" t-shirt, drawing inspiration from the profound words of Mark 13:36 in the Bible. This timeless verse reminds us of the importance of staying spiritually awake and attentive in a world filled with distractions and obstacles.

Our faith is constantly being challenged and we live in a world that seeks to lull us into complacency, wearing this shirt becomes a powerful declaration of your commitment to remain vigilant and true to your beliefs. Be a source of inspiration to others and spark meaningful conversations about the significance of staying spiritually awake and aware. So, as you wait, "Stay Awake" and don't let Him come back to find you sleeping.